Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why minority appeasement?

Govt is always appeasing the minorities in any country…..why?

Just to prove them since they are minority they will not be neglected and they have the every right to enjoy as majorities. Moreover these minorities are considered to economically underdeveloped.
In any country when the minorities feel that they unfairly or partially treated by the Govt and they don’t have the rights as majorities they will start protesting for their rights. Even they might go the extent of taking terrorism or extremism as their tool to win their rights. This is why Govt in any country gives certain preference to minorities. Moreover vote bank politics also plays major role in these appeasements.

While doing this Govt should also keep in mind that the minorities’ development should not be at the cost of majorities’ development. When Govt fails to address this issue impartially it will create the anger among majorities and they will start feel as divided by the rulers or deprived of their rights by the Govt, even it might lead to social unrest.

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