Sunday, September 9, 2007

Is our constitution to be redrafted?

The congress has now agreed that the mechanism they have set up is not in the interest of nation but only in the interest of safeguarding this UPA Govt for the remaining 18 months. Are they right in doing so? Is it not important to see which is good for nation as a whole rather than the UPA Govt alone?

Everyone in the country is concerned about 123 agreement &Hyde Act. But the govt says parliament has no right to interfere in the Govt’s international treaties. Is it not danger for India?
A Govt is elected only for 5 years. so whatever important decision which will affect the India as a whole must be debated in the parliament and it should go ahead with such treaties only if all concerned parties agree to that.

If the present constitution has not given such power to parliament then the power should be given to parliament.

So I feel there is a need to redraft the constitution. Parliament should be empowered to ratify any international treaty which is of national importance. That means without the parliament approval no international treaty like 123 agreement cannot be proceeded. Again 60% or 70% support should not be enough to go ahead with important international agreements. A overwhelming support of 90% or more must be ensured. It is the duty of the govt to get the support of opposition parties by explaining the benefits agreements to opposition parties and of course explaining to the public also indeed important. As far as 123 agreement is concerned cong failed get the support of (1) its supporter CPM (2) Opposition Parties (3) Public.

Joint Parliament Committee (JPC) should study the impact of such agreements and not just the parties involved in running Govt alone.

So there is a strong need for redrafting constitution and empowering parliament to ratify on important international agreements.

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Very good article, well written and very thought out.