Friday, October 9, 2009

What is wrong in giving Nobel peace prize to Obama?

Nobel foundation has awarded 2009 Nobel peace prize to Obama. Many people have raised question whether Obama deserves Nobel Prize?.

I think asking whether Obama deserves Nobel Prize is a wrong question. The question should be why Obama is awarded Nobel peace prize by Nobel foundation?
The Nobel foundation has given many reasons for awarding Nobel peace prize to Obama. But one reason which they gave is worth thinkable. They have stated that “the prize is awarded to encourage those who receive it to see the effort through”.
Then the obvious next question is why they are not encouraging people in other fields? Because in other fields people are awarded only after they prove or achieve something.
I think the Nobel foundation gives more importance to peace and that is the reason they “encourage” people. Because ‘peace’ cannot be compared with the other fields. Because peace is the mother of all, everyone in this world needs that.
So there is nothing wrong in encouraging a person who shows signs of bringing peace to the world. Encouragement should be based on his past actions, future vision and potential. I think Obama scores high on future vision and potential. But the question is whether the so far contributions by Obama are adequate to give him Nobel. I do not know the answer for that. At least do you know?