Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where Cong went wrong in 123 agreement??

It is not clear till now whether the 123 agreement is whether good or bad for India.
Cong says it is good. Left Parties says it is not good. BJP says it is good only with modification and no in current form. The whole political fraternity in India divided in this 123 issue.

So where cong went wrong??

Is cong went wrong by strengthening relationship with US????
Not only cong even BJP is interested in having good relationship with US.
Of course there is nothing wrong in having good relationship with US but what Left fears that India should not become the part of US’s global military partner.

No doubt India already started to say ‘yes’ to international issues where India should have said “No” or kept mum. For. Eg India has voted against Iran on nuclear issue twice.This decision is not taken independently rather influenced by US. India should have not aligned with US in voting against Iran. Because it is known to everyone in the world that India is non-align country. Moreover, earlier Iran has agreed to supply gas to India. Due to our alliance with US it might be affected. But hope indo-pak-iran pipeline project will not get affected.
Cong is not wrong in strengthening the relationship with US but it should not say yes to whatever US says.

123 agreement bad for India??

It is really a tricky question whether 123 agreement is good or bad for India.
And also it is not wise to suspect cong for signing up such agreement with US.
Undoubtedly cong has played major role in ousting British from India and also it played a pivotal role in strengthening Indian economy.

1n 1990’s when the Indian economy was liberalized there were strong opposition to cong for its liberal policies from BJP as well as Left. But today most of the Indians are benefiting because of that liberalization, globalization and privatization policies.
Hope 123 agreement is also good for India. But why then Left and BJP oppose????

Left and BJP is not opposing 123 agreement in-particular rather it opposes the Hyde Act.
In 123 agreeemntt there is a clause which says ‘country laws’ applicable apart from the 123 agreement on n-deal. India has no such law but it clearly shows the upper hand of US
through Hyde Act.

So the n-deal panel set up within the UPA will study the 123 agreement, Hyde Act influence on 123 agreement and sovereignty of India.
So… where is the problem????
Apart form “Hyde Act” “Communication” is the problem. Cong failed to communicate the benefits this agreement to its allies and opposition parties.

What is to be done by cong now???

Cong should study the impact of 123 agreement, Hyde Act on Indian sovereignty with “open” mindedness. It should not involve itself to go through the deal rather it should study the real impact of agreement as raised by Left.
Left also should study the impact with open mindedness keeping in mind the energy security of India.
Hope the final outcome will come in favor of INDIA. India need energy whether it is nuclear or thermal but not at the cost of its sovereignty.

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