Monday, September 3, 2007

Is the committee for National Interest or UPA/Cong Interest?????

Govt going to set up a committee to analyze the repercussion of Hyde act on 123 agreements and 123 agreements impact on India. It is expected that this committee will have members from only cong and its allies like CPM, RJD, and DMK etc. This is almost finalished.
Right now there is no development that the committee will accommodate members from opposition party eg. BJP or NDA or UNPA.

It creates a doubt on others whether this committee is on national interest or UPA govt or Cong govt interest.

It is known to everyone that CPM and BJP opposed the 123 agreement. CPM went to the extreme of de-stabilize (Threatening) the Govt that it will withdraw its support for UPA Govt.

In this juncture govt has decided to set up a committee. It is really a good news.
But the question is this committee do not have or will not have members from opposition party. If the committee does not have opposition party as its members we can say this committee is not set up on national interest but to pacify the CPM i.e to win the support of CPM in order to have UPA govt alive at the center. Will govt act in national interest??

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