Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Cong is Against Dr.Kalam?

NDA and newly formed UNPA are ready to support Kalam, but cong is not ready why?

Cong against kalam because he helped Indian govt on nuclear test?


just because he was BJP candidate on the last presidential election?


Just because he is a most famous president looking for second term?(except Dr.Rajendra Prasad)


Just because he is gaining popularity among Public, Students, Scholars and across political parties and nations?


Just because his popularity continue to increase he might claim PM post?


Just because Kalam was not a puppet for Cong?

or it need puppet president now?

or cong doing this keeping in mind the 2009 elections????????????

Whatever may be the reason if cong denies second term for Dr.Kalam, it has to ready to vacate its office on the jusdgement day of 2009 elections.Well people know how to punish cong.

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Dileep said...

people know anyway how to punish Congress, and would definitely will. But not just for not supporting Kalam, but also for making a dynasty out of Congress..and its soon passing through its decadent end.--an end of empire - made by congress party..