Monday, June 18, 2007

Undemocratic Presidential Election in India?????? Any chance for kalam?///

India is the largest democratic country in the world.
It is true for the political parties in India and not for the people living in India.
Indian population does not have the power to elect its president. Then what is the democracy?
Even the politicians in the country don’t heed whom people want to have as their president. Then where is the democracy?

If you ask any people in India, whom they would vote to become the next president of India, everyone will say Abdul Kalam. They would give second term for Dr.Abdul Kalam. But unfortunately people don’t have such voting rights to elect their president in India.
People in India think that their MPs and MLAs elected by them would choose a good president. But political parties not in a mood to select good president for India but they want good president for their party, who can call them to form the Govt on the judgment day of 2009 elections. There is 90% chance that it would be hung assembly/coalition government in 2009, in these situation having their puppet/president would help them to form Govt to some extent with ease.
It is very unfortunate for India that political parties are against Dr.Abdul Kalam for this reason.

At least now 3rd front has proposed Dr. Kalam for his second term. But it seems to go nowhere as Dr.Kalam has already said he would be interested for second term only if all political parties unanimously elect him. Congress opposes to the core Dr.Kalam candidature as they want their own candidate as their president.
So they have announced Ms. Prathipa Patel as their candidate.

Even though NDA has already announced that they would back Vice President Shekawath for president post. The announcement by third front for second term for second term put Shekawath to reconsider his candidature for president.

How Kalam Can Become President Again?
If Kalam has to become president once again then all parties must unanimously elect him. But it is improbable. As congress and left would not support.
Kalam has the chance of becoming president again if NDA supports Kalam along with Third Front. If we go arithmetically even the support of NDA and Third front would not be enough.
Dr.Kalam can become president of again only (I) if he agrees to contest election. I don’t think he would agree. (II)even if he agrees Third Front +NDA+DMK+Shiv Sena (it might support Prathiba Patil as she is a Maharashtrian) + Cross voting, should support his candidature.
If the above thing does not happen it is unfortunate for India.

The fortunate thing is at the cost of killing all the aspirations of Indians a Women will become the president of India. A Women becoming president of India is really a good thing, but should it be for a political reason? Should it be at the cost of Dr.Kalam?

I don’t think most of the politicians will think in this way.

If at all Dr. Kalam has to get second term All parties should accept his unanimously if this thing will not happen people should make them to accept.
Do you think people have the power to threaten political parties to vote for Kalam.YES.


Well both are seems to improbable let’s see whether our politicians has any intention of doing good for people at least by electing President Kalam once again.

If not let’s welcome our first Women President, first Citizen of India “Prathiba Patel”.
And hope (only hope) she will not be a rubber stamp president.

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