Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why it is foolishness to blame Rahul for poll debacle?

Media and some Cong members criticize Rahul for congress's poll debacle.
It is utter foolishness to blame Rahul. He was neither Prime Minister nor Congress President in the last 10 years. If at all someone to be blamed it is Sonia and congress cabinet.

Knowing that Congress will fail in lok sabha, Rahul decided to campaign for it.It is a sheer bravery.

Leadership lesson to be learned from him for leading the Congress during the turbulent times. Rather than aligning with regional parties he was trying to build the party.It will benefit the party in the long run.

Though he is son of  Rajiv- Sonia he was elected as as Congress vice president only in January 2013. Just one year before the election. You cannot blame him for all the scams. Indiviudal ministers, PM and Congress president should be blamed for all the scams.

In my point of view enough time should be given to Rahul. He is seems to be more honest than any politician of today.

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