Monday, October 22, 2007

How LTTE forgot Ahimsa?

How LTTE forgot to take ahimsa or non-violence route to get freedom from Sri Lanka instead of violence. It is known to everyone all over the world that no one can succeed through violence for a good cause.
If LTTE’s real intention is to fight for Tamilian rights and to get separate Tamil Nation then they should consider ahimsa to achieve their cause.

How they forgot that Mahatma Gandhi led India to freedom only through Non-Violence.
World leaders like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, followed Gandhi and succeeded in achieving their cause through non-violence. I still wonder why they are not learning lessons from these great leaders.

Violence begets Violence. Only Non-Violence can bring peace. LTTE’s should realize that they cannot achieve their objective of separate Tamil Nation though violence. Non-Violence is the ultimate weapon to fight for rights. If LTTE embrace non-violence, surely Tamil Nation will be created out of Sri Lanka peacefully.

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