Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yesterday British......tomorrow US??????????????

Yesterday British colonized us and we got freedom after losing lakhs of our fellow men and women. We have lived independently just for 60 years. No doubt congress played a major role in our freedom struggle. But today, it seems the ruling congress minority Govt is trying to make India as the colony of America.
Have we got freedom from British to become a slave of Americans?

You can have economic alliance with America no doubt it will benefit both the country.
But a military/defense alliance is not good for both the country. Especially for India which always want to be nation of peace and wants to spread peace all over the world.

If you see some of the countries which US considers their enemies now, they were once great friend of US.

India should take a stance that; it will have to be neither friend nor enemy towards US.
India should never think of establishing strategic partnership with US (as long as it interferes in other country affairs) as it will put Indian in great danger. US might use India to dominate Asia. Not to mention US will also start to dominate Indian politics and our whole nation.

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